Thorsten Jonas

Thorsten Jonas

Founder & Digital Sustainability Trailblazer
SUX Network

Founder of SUX Network & SUX Academy | Host of the SUX Podcast | Co-lead UX chapter of the W3C Sustainable Web Design Guidelines | Sustainable UX & Responsible AI Consultant


Thorsten Jonas

Thorsten is Sustainable UX and Responsible AI consultant, keynote speaker and founder of the SUX Network.

He is guiding and teaching designers, teams and companies in crafting sustainable, responsible and ethical digital products and he co-leads the UX committee for the UX chapter of the W3C Sustainable Web Design Guidelines. As co-host of the SUX Podcast, Thorsten interviews thought leaders from around the globe and shares insights and strategies for integrating sustainability into product design processes. His passion for the outdoors and mountaineering drives his commitment to making sustainability a fundamental aspect of user experience and digital desi.