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AI-X Award 2024

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Rewarding the Best AI Integration 2024

AI-X Award 2024

The AI-X Award honors the digital product that most compellingly makes use of Artificial Intelligence.

There is no geographic or branch restriction for who can participate and nominate their solution.

The three criteria (weighted at one third each) to be included in the evaluation are:

  • Value for the user and reliability
  • Ethical and social responsibility
  • Degree of Innovation
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How to participate

You can join the race for the AI-X Award as a Design or Product Team, or as an entire company. Once you submit the Participation Form, you will receive detailed instructions of what to submit.

The participation fee is 200 euro excl. VAT. All participants will receive an image for Social Media "participating in the AI-X Award 2024" and the three finalists will be presented at the prompt:UX Conference in Hamburg on 1 October 2024. The winning team/company will receive the physical Award, the certificate and 3 free tickets for the Future Product Days 2025.

The Deadline for Submission is 13 September 2024 (midnight).


  • a digital solution (B2B or B2C) that uses/integrates AI and has been on the market for at least three months
  • the solution must have been primarily been designed or developed by the applying team or company. It is, however, possible to nominate a solution that you have designed for a client
  • companies or individuals closely affiliated with Jury Members are not allowed to participate
Participating is easy

What to submit


A brief Video Presentation and Visualisation

Create a visual presentation of the solution. The visualisation can be a video or screencast of max. 90 seconds. Present the final product as well as some stages during the development including how you started.

Appendences are not required but allowed. If you do submit an appendence, it must be no longer than 5 pages.


Description of the process/method

Submit a short written description of what challenge you wanted to solve using AI and why you found this issue relevant to address.

Outline the hypotheses you developed, your choice of methodology, and what the research phase looked like.


Description of the solution

Submit a short written description of the solution, what it does, who it is for, and why it gives the user benefits, is reliable, ethical and innovative.


Description of the results

Submit a short written description of the results you have observed so far.

Here, we weigh a proven impact that supports that the solution creates more value to the user using AI than it did before. It can be functional or social value. Of course we take into account that the data will be limited due to the short amount of time the solution has been on the market.

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Request Participation Material

Participation in the 2024 AI-X Award costs 200 Euro excl. VAT. You will receive the participation material and the invoice once you have filled our and submitted the Participation Form.

Experts judging

The Jury 2024

Experienced. Renouned. Independend.

Thorsten Jonas

Thorsten Jonas

Founder & Digital Sustainability Trailblazer at SUX Network
Yuval Keshtcher

Yuval Keshtcher

Founder & CEO at UX Writing Hub
Mara Pometti

Mara Pometti

Associate Director AI Strategy at McKinsey & Company