Sofie Hvitved

Sofie Hvitved

Futurist & Senior Advisor
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Futurist | Keynote speaker | Futures | Tech & Media | Senior Advisor & Head of Media


Sofie Hvitved

Sofie Hvitved is a Futurist, Senior Advisor and Head of Media at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Her passion lies within the intersection of media and technology, and how the future media landscape is going to unfold.

She is an experienced keynote speaker, moderator and host. In addition to focusing on the future of media, she also spend a lot of my time speculation on the possible futures of AI, the metaverse and the overall convergence of our physical and virtual lives.

She has a strategic background in the media industry, where she used to work in DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) as project lead for the New Media Days. Apart from being a full-time futurist she is also a member of the Danish Media Board under the Minister of Culture and Advisory Board Member at Future Media Hubs.

She has lived and worked in a number of locations in Europe and South America, and is currently living in Copenhagen. Her educational background is a Master in Media Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark.