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Oct 1, 2024

Relevance, trust and endless hyperpersonalised content

A futurist view on AI and the new media reality

About this session

AI is neither good or bad  - It’s all about how we shape it! Join this keynote where Futurist Sofie Hvitved dives into the possible profound impacts of AI on both content creation as well as the entire ecosystem and new business models. A future where digital agents and endless content creation is creating a new landscape for marketing, branding, and customer engagement. Where algorithms are reshaping the creative processes and AI blurs the lines between what is considered 'real'.

Expect the following learnings from this session:

  • What are the ethical and societal implications of hyper-personalised content and curation?
  • What will this mean for the future of the internet?
  • What will it mean for how much we accept AI into our lives?
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