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Oct 1, 2024

Building an AI-enhances Research Companion

A compelling case study for UX designers and researchers

About this session

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI-UX tools, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment where we'll delve into the current status quo and the promising future ahead for our industry. One of the keys to unlocking this future lies in the strategic leveraging of AI tools to liberate designers from the mundane tasks and allow them to invest more time in the exhilarating, creative aspects of design.

Drawing from his extensive experience as a Product Design Lead in the realm of humancentered machine learning projects over the past four years at Porsche Digital, Bruno will be sharing insights on the art and science of building AI tools.

The prime focus of this discussion will be the indepth case study of "Userflix," an innovative AI-based product research co-pilot, where we'll learn firsthand from its development, unveiling a world of possibilities for the design and research industry.

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