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Oct 2, 2024

Design Patterns For AI Interfaces

Get a toolbox of practical techniques and design patterns

About this session

This isn’t a workshop on how to use AI to design, but how to design to help users make the most out of your AI systems.

As we all are exploring ways to integrate AI in our products, too often we rely on a good old-fashioned conversational UI to bring AI to life. However, this experience is often painfully slow, responses are generic and the output format needs to be meticulously explained.

AI interfaces can go way beyond text prompts. In this workshop, we’ll dive into emerging design patterns, UX guidelines and 100s of real-life examples of AI systems that help users find answers and get work done better and faster — with better scoping, style lenses, clustering, recommendations, feedback loop and many other features.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How accessibility and sustainability fit into AI conversation,
  • Design patterns for AI interfaces,
  • How to solve the blank canvas dilemma,
  • How to help users specify their intent more precisely,
  • How to make output less static and more dynamic and interactive,
  • How to establish structured templates and partially pre-fill them by AI,
  • How to help users develop trust and confidence for AI engines.

You’ll leave the workshop with a toolbox of practical techniques and design patterns to apply for your projects right away.

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