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Oct 2, 2024

Design with AI - Let's get started

Prototyping, Wireframing and other Functionalities

About this session

Join this very hands-on workshop for UX professionals eager to integrate artificial intelligence into their design processes.

This workshop provides a practical introduction to AI tools in UX design, showcasing an array of tools tailored for designers. You will explore best practices for employing AI in UX design and familiarise yourself with common use cases. The workshop has a focus on prototyping with AI, enabling you to bring you design concepts to life with the power of artificial intelligence.

During the interactive segment of the workshop, you will engage in collaborative work on real-world examples, discovering how AI can be applied effectively in various scenarios. This collaborative effort will include exploring potential applications, analyzing outcomes, and discussing ways to optimize results.

Be sure to leave this workshop with new skills that you can use in your projects right away.

Key Learnings:

  • Overview and introduction to AI tools specific to UX design
  • Best practices for incorporating AI into UX design and familiar application scenarios
  • Hands-on experience with prototyping using AI technologies
  • Collaborative exploration of real-world cases
  • Analysis and evaluation of the outcomes

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