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Oct 1, 2024

Meeting Humans Needs - From Theory to Action

Making Generative AI in your business workflow for People (not just users)

About this session

Dive into the heart of generative AI's potential, guided by a vision where technology serves human needs. This talk unravels the secret to deploying AI that not only innovates but resonates with people, by emphasizing trust, understanding, and real-world impact.

You will learn about:

  • The potential of generative AI and how to use it to meet human needs
  • Methods for transitioning AI from pilot to full production with a people-first approach
  • Strategies for creating trust and understanding in AI deployment
  • How focusing on human values can elevate AI from a mere tool to a trusted ally, enhancing value and adoption.

Join this session to explore how a focus on human values transforms AI from a tool into a trusted partner, unlocking new dimensions of value and adoption.

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