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Oct 1, 2024

90% Human - ML & AI Design Principles (interactive session - 80 minutes w/ break)

How to design transparency for ML and AI consumer products & how to win over stakeholders

About this session

Konrad’s interactive session focuses directly on projects in the consumer technology space. Expect to be lead on a journey for creating scaleable AI & ML UX solutions and how to communicate ML-UX value / risks with stakeholders. Black box issues are only the start, see how design can bring clarity to your projects. Are you interested in the way consumers engage with digital products like Instagram, Amazon, and Netflix?

The growth of AI and machine learning is freaking a lot of us out, and some of it for good reason. In this keynote we will learn new methodologies. Based on the intersection of computer software design, and the growing integration trend of machine learning and AI, this talk explores the scale, issues, and solutions for ML UX in current and future consumer products.

In this session you will learn:

  • When is the most important time to leverage UX in ML?
  • Success metrics definition
  • How to win over stakeholders for AI & ML projects
  • Good design for machine learning is executed with E.S.I.
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