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Oct 1, 2024

Personalizing User Interfaces with AI

Create interfaces that adjust to individual users

About this session

As digital products become increasingly sophisticated, the demand for interfaces that are not only functional but also deeply personalized and engaging has risen.

Enter the era of AI-generated persona-based UIs—where every interaction is tailored to the individual user.

We'll discuss how AI technology is making it possible to create interfaces that adjust to individual user's likes, dislikes, and habits, making experiences more intuitive and enjoyable. Additionally, we'll explore how to build strong design systems ready for AI and prepare design and development teams for what's coming in AI's future.

Maksims expertise emerges from a strategic and agile process of continuous learning, collaboration with industry pioneers, in-depth customer discovery, and insightful analytics. This journey has culminated in the creation of an unparalleled branding platform.

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