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Oct 1, 2024

AI in UX: Can we be trusted with the magic lamp?

How to balance negative impacts and positive opportunities

About this session

AI is on the verge of changing our work and our lives fundamentally. It opens up completely new possibilities to work and create. But we need to discuss essential questions about ethics and sustainability. This includes grasping the societal effects of AI, tackling issues like data privacy or bias in algorithms, but also dismantling the massive environmental impacts. On the other hand: doesn’t AI offer the potential to help create more sustainable, fair and ethical digital experiences? For us, the essential dilemma is not if AI should be used, but how and when its application can be made ethically, sustainable and beneficially for a better future in our projects.

This session will discuss the negative impacts as well as positive opportunities of AI in UX and from here derive guidelines for the ethical and sustainable application of AI to UX design. These guidelines aim to equip Design Leaders and UX practitioners with practical advice to effectively deal with AI in design, to ensure ethical compliance and sustainability, to leverage AI for creating sustainable digital experiences and most important to prevent us from creating our own dystopia.

Because we already got our hands on the magic lamp, still we need to answer the question, if we can be trusted with it.

Key Learnings:

  • Understanding AI's broader Impact: How do AI technologies affect the environment & society. And why is this also a UX problem
  • Learn about the potential of AI: How might AI help to create more sustainable digital experiences
  • How to balance negative impacts and positive opportunities
  • Principles on how to use AI in a responsible and sustainable way for good (and when not to use)

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